Pic & Mix Menu                                                                                                                                         All our treatments include a standard natural shampoo, but if you want to keep your dogs coat shiny and manageable for longer in between grooms, we offer a slightly higher quality option and extras that can be added on to help keep on top of your dogs hair, whilst also looking after the skin and the oral hygiene.  

1. Pick Your Treatment

Full body grooms: This includes a nail clip, dead hair removal, a trim between the pads and paws, an ear cleanse, two luxury natural baths, a blow dry, a styling to your preferred preference, and a finishing cologne. (2-4 hours)

Natural Bath: This includes two baths in a Natural shampoo to help keep the oils in the coat, dead hair will be removed and the coat will be dried using drying techniques suitable for the specific breed of dog. (30 minutes- 1 hour)

Puppy Grooms: As soon as your pup is allowed out to explore the world, they should be booked in at the groomers to get them used to being handled and groomed. A full groom can be daunting for a young puppy so we offer puppy cuts to get them used to the experience which include: Two natural baths, a nail clip, a trim round the feet and between the eyes and hygiene area. We recommend your puppy has at least 1 puppy cut a month until we feel they are comfortable with the grooming process. (40 minutes - 1 hour)   

2. Choose Your Shampoo

Grapefruit & Orange:

All natural grapefruit and sweet orange oil shampoo, vegetable derived cleansers, including wheat protein, which has conditioning treatments and moisturising properties which leaves the hair feeling softer for longer. (Standard Shampoo)  

Yup You Stink!:

Containing Cedarwood and Eucalyptus essential oils known for deodorising. Argan oil and aloe Vera help to nourish the skin and leaves a wonderful glossy shine. Free from alcohol, parabens and dyes, and vegan friendly! £1.50

Bright White:

Containing a colour enhancer to help brighten the coat and remove stains. It contains natural coconut oil and no harmful chemicals or bleach. £1.50

3. Extras

Facial scrub & massage

2 in 1 wheat free facial scrub. Safely removes dirt and discolorations from the face and ears, includes a deep cleansing massage. £1.50

Emmi-pet Toothbrush

Ultrasound technology that reaches deep below the gum line to kill germs and bacteria, at the same time its effective in removing bad breath and helps cut down on plaque.  (5 session course recommended to start)                                   £10 per 15 minute session                                 or £45 for 5 sessions booked in advance

Soft Nail Clip

Recommended after the standard nail clip, helps to soften the edges of the nails which prevents scratches. £6.00