Full body grooms: This includes a nail clip, dead hair removal, a trim between the pads and paws, an ear cleanse, two luxury natural baths, a blow dry, a styling to your preferred preference, and a finishing cologne. (2-4 hours)

Natural Bath: This includes two baths in a Natural shampoo to help keep the oils in the coat, dead hair will be removed and the coat will be dried using drying techniques suitable for the specific breed of dog. (30 minutes- 1 hour)

Puppy Grooms: As soon as your pup is allowed out to explore the world, they should be booked in at the groomers to get them used to being handled and groomed. A full groom can be daunting for a young puppy so we offer puppy cuts to get them used to the experience which include: Two natural baths, a nail clip, a trim round the feet and between the eyes and hygiene area. We recommend your puppy has at least 1 puppy cut a month until we feel they are comfortable with the grooming process. (40 minutes - 1 hour)   

In-between Grooms: We also offer regular in-between grooms which help prevent matting and removes any dead hair from the coat, it also includes a trim around the dogs eyes and feet and we check the nails. This keeps the coat in a lovely condition in-between full grooms, every dog will benefit from having a good coat! (30 mins - 1 hour)

Other Services

Nail Clipping                                                               £8.00

Natural Oils Bath                         From £20.00

Flea Shampoo                                                            £5.00 Added


Full Groom Price List

Toy Breeds                                                            From £32.00

Yorkie, Chihuahua, Maltese, Pomeranian

Small Breeds                                                         From £37.00

Shih Tzu, Cavalier Spaniel, Lasa Apso, Jack Russell Terrier

Medium Breeds                                                    From £40.00

Westie, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer, Springer Spaniel

Large Breeds                                                         From £54.00

GSD, Golden Retrievers, Collies, Giant Schnauzers

Curly Coated Breeds (wool coats)            From £45.00 (clip)

                                                                                           From  £52.00 (scissor)

Bichon Frise, Poodle (toy, miniature, standard), cockerpoo, cavapoo, cavasion, multipoo, labradoodle

Puppy Cuts                                               From £30

Handstripping (existing customers only)         From £55.00

In-between grooms (excluding bath)               From £22.00

Please note

All Prices are guidelines and will vary depending on your dogs coat condition, size and temperament.

A missed appointment fee will be added for appointments missed or not rescheduled within 48 hours. The charge of £10.00 will be added to your next grooming appointment. Ifyou would like a text reminder or call two days before the appointment, just ask in the salon!