At WAGS we understand how easy it is to forget a appointment booked weeks in advance, however we do still need to be told if you will not be able to make the appointment at least 24 hours before the groom, if possible. We could give your appointment slot to someone else if we know in advance you will not be turning up. We send a reminder text 48 hours before your appointment to remind you, and give you enough time to rearrange if needed.

Failing to inform us you will not be turning up for your allocated date and time, will cost you a extra fee of £10.00 added to your next appointment cost, as no notice means we cannot fill the appointment slot. Of course we understand things can happen unexpectedly but we would ask you to still inform us of any changes that may occur.

Loyalty Cards:

To receive a loyalty stamp, you must bring the loyalty card to each session with you, our memories aren't that good and unfortunately we cannot remember how many stamps each customer is on. As above to receive a stamp you must give a cancellation time of at least 24 hours, or the loyalty will be lost.

Day Care

All though we would love to have a big enough parlour to accommodate all dogs we have to groom in one day, unfortunately we don't, our facilities aren't big enough to have that many dogs around, when we give you a time to collect your dog we would appreciate it if your pampered pooch could be collected within 30 minutes of the time given. If you are aware you are going to be late please tell us before your groom, there will be a added charge of £2.00 for every additional 20 minutes your dog is left. If you would like us to have your dog for a extra few hours we can arrange a day care fee starting from £10.00, but we will need you to say this when you book your appointment, so we are aware and can schedule in other dogs around it.


WAGS will NOT accept any dog with fleas unless we have been told before hand over the phone. This is  because we can not spend the rest of the day completely disinfecting the parlour, as we will have other dogs in that could possibly get them aswell. If you are aware your dog has fleas please inform us and we can arrange to book them in as the last dog of the day, and we can wash them in a flea shampoo, please be aware there will be a added cost of £5.00 because of the expensive of the flea shampoo. As they will be in last thing we can disinfect the parlour overnight. If we find fleas on you dog we will ring you and ask that you come and collect the dog straight away, and pay the full amount for the groom.    


If your dog comes into us matted, we will clip the whole dog short, this is for the dogs welfare, making the dog sit through a hour and a half of pain while we tug at the knots is cruel and very uncomfortable for your dog. Your dog may not look the way you wanted it too, but it will be comfortable and feel a lot better for it, we aim to do the best for your dog and its welfare this is why there is no other option if the dog is matted.

Honesty Agreement

We operate a honest policy, this means we ask you to be honest with us about your dogs behaviour, coat condition and finished groom. By telling us this information we are much more prepared in dealing with your dog on every occasion.