WAGS Training Academy 

Train to become a dog groomer with our bespoke City And Guilds course

Learn how to groom your own dog

Level 2 City & Guilds

At WAGS we are in partnership with Hevenlyz training academy and as a result able to offer City and Guilds bespoke training courses.

Our Training days offer one to one training so every candidate will get full attention, and guidance from the tutor. WAGS can take 2 students per a day. Our training days are tailored to you, you can do 24 days straight in the salon or choose to do one day a week (Wednesday.) We fit the course to suit your needs, unlike colleges and bigger academy's.

As there will only be 2 students in the salon at one time, it means we can give you more attention and teach you things in more depth, which you wouldn't necessarily get at a bigger training college. On the induction of your course, you will be presented with your course guide handbook, and homework exercise book.
You will be given a day before hand which will introduce you to the salon environment and the health and safety aspects.

The bespoke salon offers state of the art grooming equipment and a highly qualified training. Each student will work on one to two dogs per a day and after the course it will allow each student to move forward into a grooming career.

Level 2 City and Guilds certificate in dog grooming
This course will enable you to
1. Prepare dogs prior to bathing
2. Bathe and clean dogs
3. Clean and maintain all equipment used for the grooming process
4. Control and restrain dogs and understanding behaviour
5. Dry and prepare dogs for styling
6. Basic trimming of the dog’s coat
7. Maintain the cleanliness and security of the dog in the grooming environment

Level 2 course is a 24 day course. 

After this course students can go on to work in a grooming salon as a canine bathing assistant, with knowledge on grooming and styling. Students that have completed this course have set up their own salons from home, or gone to work in salons. It also enables students to move onto the level 3 course which will allow you to be able to work as a stylist in a grooming salon.

  • Start a career in Dog Grooming today.
  • Learn all the skills you need to be able to groom comfortably and confidently on your own.
  • Invest into your professional future.
  • Weekly payment plans available to help spread the cost.

The Price Breakdown;

There is an upfront examination fee of £650.00. There on after the total cost is £1250.00.  

Total  Course Price £1900 including the exam fee.

For more information please contact the salon on 01732 455915 or email Emily Wolfe at wagspetparlour@hotmail.co.uk

Learn to groom your own dog

For pet owners who want to learn to groom their own dog. This course will teach you all you need to know about basic bathing, styling and how to maintain your dogs hair. You will also learn about how to health check your dog and the importance of the products you use.  

Students will need to bring their dog and a work book to the training day.

All  equipment will be supplied on the day, although you are welcome to bring your own.

The course is 10 - 5 with an half an hour lunch break.

The course will run on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Course price £120.00