Treatments & Prices

* Handstripping (Existing Customers Only)

* Hand Scissoring

* De- Shedding

* Clipping to Breed Standard/ Your Preference

*  2 Luxury Natural Baths With Natural Oils

* Deep Conditioning treatment

* Nail Clipping

* Drying/ Fluff Drying

* Ear Cleaning



Full Body Groom: The full body groom includes de-shedding, 2 luxury natural baths in a shampoo of your choice (ask in the salon), a paw/pad trim, nail clipping, ear cleaning, a style of your preference and a finishing cologne. (2-4 hours)

Handstripping: (selected breeds ) Handstripping includes removing the harsh top coat of the dog by using a stripping knife and fingers to remove any hair that will pull out easily. 2 luxury natural baths in a shampoo of your choice (ask in the salon), a paw/pad trim, nail clipping, ear cleaning and a finishing cologne. (2-5 hours)

In-between grooms: This includes the removal of dead hair, nail clipping, a paw/pad trim, ear cleaning, eye trim and a finishing cologne. (30 mins-1 hour)

Natural bath & dry: The bath includes 2 luxury natural shampoos with natural oils, a paw clean, a dry/fluff dry (depending on the coat) and a finishing cologne. (30 mins-1.5 hours)

Deep conditioning treatment: This is a extra that can be added to either the full body groom or the aroma therapy bath. We may suggest a deep conditioning treatment for a dog with matted skin or a dog with silky hair, as it keeps the coat in a more manageable condition. 

Please note, If your dog is matted, it is in the dogs best interest as a welfare issue that the coat comes completely off. You will be consulted before hand, but a higher fee will incur.